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May 25, 2008

Sunol Hike Reunion Dinner Cooking Party 
Cooking starts 6 PM



The game plan


Everyone in the party is a cook and responsible for one or more items in the menu.

Look at the menu below to see which item you are responsible for. Use the link to get the recipe. Adjust for 16 people. Bring the ingredients you will need to the cooking party, except for the usual stock items (butter, salt, etc.), which we'll have.

If you like you can prep your dish ahead of time and complete the dish as part of the dinner party.

Wolfgang Puck's Pizza (we'll make pizzettes)

 Le Menu
(revised May 18, 2008)
Click on links for recipes. Adjust quantities for 16 people.

Cannellini & Fresh Tomato Broth

Pizzettes & Champagne

Andy & Karen - Wolfgang Puck's Smoked Salmon on Dill Cream (2nd page) topped with three different caviars, served with lemon wedges
(6 Pizzettes)

Susan & Leonard - Smoked Salmon with Goat Cheese
(6 Pizzettes)

Caroline - Very Chilled Champagne Bellini

1st Mid-course

Phil, Caroline. & Kevin- Breaded Abalones, with artichoke hearts and lemon wedges on the side

Jim & Dave- White wine to complement Abalones

2nd Mid-course

Carmen - Tortilla de patata (the unofficial national dish of Spain)

Marlene - Cannellini and Fresh Tomato Broth
with toasted home made bread







Tortilla de patata

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