April 2, 2005

Gourmet Cooking Party

Cooking starts 6 PM


The game plan.  Dinner party participants are divided into two groups: "chefs" and "sommeliers."    Everyone is either one or the other. The menu is on a specific theme (see below). Each chef is responsible for a different menu item.  Sommeliers select the complementing beverages.



The theme is Southwest.


To start

Sommelier Ron: Martinis with Kalamate olives.

         The olives will have been marinating in a habanero powder concoction for two weeks. This should turn up the heat.

Chef Marie: Crunchy veggies with New Mexico Snow (best prepared one day before)

Chef August: Chilled Southwest scallops


Main course

Chef Paul: Burgers & Fiery Mayonnaise on Foccacia Rolls  (also see page 2)

Chef Marlene: Yellow squash with jerked honey rum glaze

Chef Dena: Smokey black bean salad & salsa

Sommeliers Jim & Dalia: Wines to complement



Chef  Marlene: Grilled Roasted Cinnamon Rum Bananas & Vanilla Ice Cream

Sommelier Jim: Desert wine to complement


Chefs: For quantities plan on 8. You can prep before the party, or on site, whatever works best for you. Bring what you need for your dish but you can count on us to have all the usual spices.


Sommeliers (Jim, Dalia, & Ron) bring the wines.

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